Into The Wild YTH Camp

August 1 - 5  |  Little Beaver Camp and Retreat Center

Little Beaver Camp & Retreat Center, South Beaver Lake Road, Wasilla, AK, USA

Venture into the wild this summer with King’s YTH for a week full of competitive games, fun with your friends, and powerful worship experiences.

Please note: this is a day camp. Students will be taken by bus to and from King’s Chapel, Wasilla, to Little Beaver Camp on a daily basis (schedule below).

  • Early Bird (now-May 15) –  $215
  • Regular (May 15-July31) — _$269
  • At the Door – $300
  • Camp Registration closes on August 1st – no additional students will be added during the week.
  • Students who have finished the 7th grade – 12th grade by May 2022
Check-in and Pick Up:
  • 1st-day Check-in: Monday, August 1 at 10:00 am at King’s Wasilla.
  • Check-in daily, Tues – Friday 8:00 am King’s Wasilla
  • Student Pick-up is 9:00 pm daily at King’s Wasilla. (Please be punctual in picking up your students).
Guest Speaker:
  • Pastor Jakob Barrientos
Basic Youth Camp Details:
  1. Structure – Each camper is placed on a team led by two adult leaders who are approved by King’s. For the entirety of the camp, the campers are under their leaders’ direct supervision and authority. 
  2. Schedule – This is a day camp. Students will be dropped off and picked up by parents/guardians at designated times each day. Our daily schedule includes healthy meals, indoor/outdoor activities, team competitions, our amazing guest speaker, and powerful worship experiences!
  3. Safety – The first priority of every leader at camp is safety. Each camper is required to obey the camp rules so that we may provide a safe environment for them.  Campers who do not abide by the camp rules will not be allowed to remain at camp.  Minor injuries will be treated by our Camp Nurse.  Parents and emergency personnel will immediately be contacted for any major injury.

See FAQ’s below for more information

Check-In Process
  1. Forms – A quick check to make sure all your paperwork is in.
  2. Payment – If you owe anything.
  3. Head Lice Check – No student will be allowed to participate if they have lice.
  4. Personal Care – Check-in with our Camp Nurse, all medication must be declared and checked in.
  5. Cash Check-In – All cash will be held by the Little Beaver Concession Stand.
  6. Team Assignment – Last step!  Make sure you label your property!

Parent must walk with their camper through each step of Check-in.

Packing List

What to Bring Each Day:

  • A backpack containing the following: (please make sure everything is labeled!)
    • Swimming Clothes
    • Wear Shoes & bring Flip Flops
    • Shower Stuffs (soap, etc.)
    • Towel
    • Change of Clothes
    • Bible

What Not to Bring:

  • Electronic Devices
  • Explosives
  • Weapons
  • Bad Attitude
Check-In / Pick Up Schedule:
DateParent / Guardian Drop OffParent / Guardian Pick Up
Monday, August 110:00 am9:00 pm
Tuesday, August 28:00 am 9:00 pm
Wednesday, August 38:00 am9:00 pm
Thursday, August 48:00 am9:00 pm
Friday, August 58:00 am 9:00 pm
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • When do I drop off/pick up my camper?  
    • Parents are required to walk their camper through the entire check-in process. Check-in for the first day of camp is Monday, August 1, at 10:00 am. Parent Drop Off on Tuesday – Friday is at 8:00 am daily at King’s Alaska. Parent Pick-Ups are daily at 9:00 pm at King’s Alaska.
  • Where is Little Beaver Camp?
    • 858 S. Beaver Lake Rd,  Wasilla, AK. 99623
  • May I visit my camper during camp? 
    • No, parents are asked to refrain from coming to visit the camp. After a few days away from home, campers who see their parent will generally opt to go home and not enjoy the full camp, causing them to miss what God has personally prepared for them. 
  • May my camper bring their phone to camp? 
    • No, please have your student leave their mobile phones at home.  In the event of an emergency, the Camp Staff will contact you (the parents) directly. 
  • What does my camper need to pack for camp?  
    • See packing list above.
  • Can I send spending money for snacks, sodas, etc.? 
    • Yes! Little Beaver Camp has a snack shop that is open during our afternoon activities. Spending money must be turned in during Camp Check-In and will be held in an envelope with your student’s name on it. It will be kept by the Snack Shop Staff for your student to purchase from. Money not used will be returned to you at Camp Check-Out.
  • Does my student need to know how to swim? 
    • Every camper is required to wear a life vest during our water activities regardless of swimming ability.  Water activities include swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boating, and games.
  • Can my student administer their own medicine? 
    • No, for the safety of the entire camp, all medicines and supplements must be turned in at Camp Check-In.  Our RN Camp Nurse will be responsible to administer medicines at their prescribed time. 
  • What if my student has allergies?  
    • The online Camp Registration form includes allergy notifications.  Please list any and all allergies on the registration form.  We will work with the Camp Chef and the Camp Nurse to be sure your student stays safe!
  • Can my student be on the same team as his/her friend? 
    • While we try our hardest to make sure each student has a friend on their team, we cannot accommodate all requests.  Youth camp is a great time for students to make new friends! 
  • Where will my student shower?  
    • Little Beaver Camp has separate bathrooms for men and women to use during camp.  The bathrooms include individual showers.
  • What is included in the camp cost?  
    • Camp cost covers your student’s four-night stay, 11 meals, all activities, and worship services.
Camp Rules
  1. AUTHORITY – all campers are under the direct supervision and authority of their Team Leader.
  2. BOUNDARIES – natural boundaries are obvious at Little Beaver Camp, additional boundaries are provided by Team Leaders.  Boys are not allowed in restrooms or showers that are assigned to girls, and vice versa.
  3. DRESS CODE – we encourage campers to wear their best clothes to the worship services.  All clothing must be modest, including swimming suits.  Girls will not be allowed to wear 2 piece swimsuits.
  4. CLEAN UP – campers are responsible for keeping the camp clean.  This includes the dining hall, grounds, restrooms, and showers.
  5. TEAMS – each camper is assigned to a team.  Campers are to stay with their team during all activities except electives, which are free choices.
  6. PRAYER – times of prayer are to be respected and not treated as playtime.  Camp is designed to provide campers with dedicated time to seek God and receive from Him.  Be respectful of others praying by keeping your hands to yourself, not talking to others, and obeying Team Leaders.
  7. PHONES – campers are not allowed to have phones at camp.  All phones will be collected at Check-In.  Permission to use phones can only be given by the Camp Director.  Contact info will be provided to parents through Registration.
  8. PERSONAL ELECTRONICS – all personal electronic devices will be confiscated at camp. It is best for campers to leave them at home.
  9. MONEY – campers can purchase items at the concession stand during camp.  They must check in their money at Check-In and will be held by Little Beaver Staff in their concession stand.  Money not used will be returned at the end of the camp.
  10. PERSONAL PROPERTY – Destruction of the church or camp property is forbidden.  The destruction of personal property belonging to other campers is forbidden.  If you break something you must replace the items with a new one.
  11. COMPLIANCE – campers who refuse to follow camp rules, and refuse to obey leadership, will be sent home from camp.  Parents will be expected to pick up their student at Little Beaver Camp.
  12. PARENTS – Parents are asked to refrain from visiting the camp.  After a few days away from home, children will generally opt to leave camp, thus missing out on the full week experience of seeking God.  Parents serving as staff need to allow their children to be free from parental supervision and allow their children to be a part of their team as much as possible.